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“Since I have been following you we have implemented so many yummy meatless meals into our weekly meals. My boys are loving the dishes we are creating with quinoa, beans, rice, peppers, spinach, corn etc. It’s been so much fun to see us change our diet around and really how easy and fun it’s been to make this change.” ~ Brigid Ward
Dr. Robyn is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and TEDx speaker who has spent her career using goal-achievement psychology to motivate, inspire and focus her clients on achieving success. She also holds a certificate from the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University.

Russ is a former competitive body builder and Mr. Olympia trainer and has spent over 45 years studying health & nutrition. His exercise and diet advice have been invaluable to both private clients and pro athletes throughout the world.

Collectively they are known as RnR. As co-founders of Whole Food Muscle, they are co-authors of the breakthrough book "How to Feed a Human" and are on a mission to help 100,000 people live their healthiest lives ever!
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